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Looking for a rental tent or marquee for hire to complement – not detract from – your event décor?

Each and every Sperry Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric art marked by handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues. Our pole tents can accommodate any sized event, from an intimate cocktail party to a 250+ guest outdoor wedding reception or unforgettable corporate events.

Crafted from genuine sailcloth, Sperry Tents are immediately recognisable for their graceful silhouettes, geometric reinforcement patches, solid wood support poles, nautical embellishments, and signature flags atop each peak – and are in demand by the world’s foremost event planners and caterers due to their exquisite detailing, and elegant look, inside and out.


For outdoor weddings, community and corporate events, and special occasions of all sizes, Sperry Tents’ elegant, handcrafted rental tents are perfect for any setting, from backyards and wineries to historic estates and beaches.

Size : 10 x 16

Capacity : 64 - 140 guests

Size : 10 x 22

Capacity : 96 - 200 guests

Size : 14 x 20

Capacity : 120 - 250 guests

Size : 14 x 26

Capacity : 120 - 250 guests

Size : 20 x 32

Capacity : 250 - 350 guests

Size : 20 x 38

Capacity : 300 - 500 guests

Seating capacities vary as some events require space for items such as a dance floor, buffet tables, or bars.

See F L O O R P L A N S page for ideas & tent capacities to help you plan your own wedding or event.


Our 5m & 10m Round Tents accommodate between 8-16 seated guests or 40 - 60 seated guests.

 This tent is ideal for a bar or band/DJ booth and often used for smaller dinner parties, cocktail parties or as a utility tent for larger events.

Size : 5M

Capacity : 8 - 16 guests

Size : 10M

Capacity : 40 - 60 guests

Please contact us for more information on Sperry Tents at

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